The Reluctant Teacher

An email from a friend and fantastic colleague: Have we missed the mark? The songs of protest against knowing the names in a dead language   Louder and louder The feeling of being perceived as “different”; not a comfortable place to dwell.  Up for evaluation.  Maybe I should be worried too. To him To “get with theContinue reading “The Reluctant Teacher”

Captain Dan

I was hanging over the rail loosing my lunch (or in this case breakfast) and looked up to see Captain Dan’s smile from the flybridge.  It wasn’t a smile to rub salt in the wound; it was a friendly, knowing smile as if to say we’ve all been there kid, now get back to work.  I workedContinue reading “Captain Dan”


Half-a-lifetime ago I spent some time sitting alone on Ellwood bluffs looking out at the ocean.  Eight years of higher education in the rearview mirror, I knew quite a lot about some things, I could talk a good talk, I could write a darn good discussion section.  Tired.  Broken.     Central to the view off the bluffs at EllwoodContinue reading “Holly”

Validated by a Crow

Maybe it was just my harsh teenage filter, but I remember a few teachers in high school that seemed done before the first day.  Guys that seemed better suited to a bad game of golf or maybe a nap.  Guys that whoever was in charge should have put out to pasture, but for some reason that wasn’tContinue reading “Validated by a Crow”


Cutting through the veil of illusion, TRUTH revealed. What seemed true isn’t really so, an appearance lacking substance. A mirage. The elusive thought. Sometimes with a small stick of dynamite, Sometimes with a funny comment or story, just within earshot. Was that meant for my ears? Reality sets in. It’s Monday night. Courage to diveContinue reading “Trust”


Last week at the clinic, drifting off to sleep while staring at the ceiling of the horse trailer, I got to thinking about the past.  I got to thinking about quiet mentors, mentors that let mistakes happen, mentors that let the learning happen, mentors that are there to help clean up when the learning gets messy.Continue reading “Bernie”

Past, present, future

Every so often the past and the future collide in the present. This is the stuff that goosebumps are made of. As a kid I had a teacher. On Saturday I unexpectedly got to watch my daughter (who’s about the same age I was back then) get coached by this same teacher. They say whenContinue reading “Past, present, future”


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