Cutting through the veil of illusion, TRUTH revealed. What seemed true isn’t really so, an appearance lacking substance. A mirage. The elusive thought. Sometimes with a small stick of dynamite, Sometimes with a funny comment or story, just within earshot. Was that meant for my ears? Reality sets in. It’s Monday night. Courage to diveContinue reading “Trust”


Last week at the clinic, drifting off to sleep while staring at the ceiling of the horse trailer, I got to thinking about the past.  I got to thinking about quiet mentors, mentors that let mistakes happen, mentors that let the learning happen, mentors that are there to help clean up when the learning gets messy.Continue reading “Bernie”

Past, present, future

Every so often the past and the future collide in the present. This is the stuff that goosebumps are made of. As a kid I had a teacher. On Saturday I unexpectedly got to watch my daughter (who’s about the same age I was back then) get coached by this same teacher. They say whenContinue reading “Past, present, future”

The arrow flies

“Your children are not your children….You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” Kahlil Gibran I’ve always been out-front, leading the way. Until yesterday when my horse Nolan spotted a predatory plastic bag along the trail. Mikayla and Cherie when out in front to get eaten first if thatContinue reading “The arrow flies”


Doing some research on Duckweed today; helping out with a science fair project.  Stopped in my tracks in amazement and marvel at human progress.  Duckweed typed on a keyboard, information streamed almost instantaneously to the dusty barn closet that is doubling as an office these days.   Wow!  Now that is progress! There was a timeContinue reading “410”


Yesterday I took a break from the screen to stack some hay. My stack is small, only 4-5 high, but it still gives a guy something to do. The beauty is what the hay does to the mind. Body works, mind wanders. Forward in time, backward in time, remembering acquaintances that were exhaled long agoContinue reading “Juan”

The rain is coming

Went for a walk at the park yesterday. After quickly growing bored of the manicured lawns I hiked up the hill into the coastal sage. The seasons are backwards here. This time of year is like the end of winter in most places. Dormant, brown, death. The only green, those lucky few who happen toContinue reading “The rain is coming”


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