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Captain Dan

I was hanging over the rail loosing my lunch (or in this case breakfast) and looked up to see Captain Dan’s smile from the flybridge.  It wasn’t a smile to rub salt in the wound; it was a friendly, knowing smile as if to say we’ve all been there kid, now get back to work.  I workedContinue reading “Captain Dan”


Half-a-lifetime ago I spent some time sitting alone on Ellwood bluffs looking out at the ocean.  Eight years of higher education in the rearview mirror, I knew quite a lot about some things, I could talk a good talk, I could write a darn good discussion section.  Tired.  Broken.     Central to the view off the bluffs at EllwoodContinue reading “Holly”

Validated by a Crow

Maybe it was just my harsh teenage filter, but I remember a few teachers in high school that seemed done before the first day.  Guys that seemed better suited to a bad game of golf or maybe a nap.  Guys that whoever was in charge should have put out to pasture, but for some reason that wasn’tContinue reading “Validated by a Crow”

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