The Reluctant Teacher

n88_w1150 by BioDivLibrary is licensed under CC-BY 2.0

An email from a friend and fantastic colleague: Have we missed the mark?

The songs of protest against knowing the names in a dead language  

Louder and louder

The feeling of being perceived as “different”; not a comfortable place to dwell. 

Up for evaluation.  Maybe I should be worried too.

To him

To “get with the times” less taxonomy would be the thing to do.  

In trimming he would not be alone and might in fact join the majority.

Outstanding classes come from deep inside the teacher not from a “Best Practices Manual”.

Only he knows his own depths, I do not.  Freedom.

To myself

“I had to do it and so do you.”  A little of that, yes.  Shame.   

Is it hazing? Maybe, a little, but let’s call it “a right of passage.” (Its good if a guy can keep his job).

Capacity to look it up quickly equivalent to knowing?  For me, No.

Know the name, notice the organism.  The name brings awareness.  

It’s about seeing things that would have been overlooked.

“I saw a Hepatophyte on my hike yesterday!”

And that’s why I’ll update my taxonomy, but I won’t “get with the times”.

I signed off with my friend by saying “I have to go, my flip-phone is ringing”

An embellishment, but I hope it made him smile.

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I am a husband and father, I am a scientist and teacher, I am a horseman. At night all the "I am's" go in a box and I shut the lid. I sleep like a dog.

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