Doing some research on Duckweed today; helping out with a science fair project.  Stopped in my tracks in amazement and marvel at human progress.  Duckweed typed on a keyboard, information streamed almost instantaneously to the dusty barn closet that is doubling as an office these days.   Wow!  Now that is progress! There was a timeContinue reading “410”

The glorious vocabulary of middle age

Saunter- A young man charges forward with gusto.  Always running, if not in body then in mind.  Moving forward, climbing the ladder, moving up; he desperately grasps at goals.  He “works” his horses and keeps track of miles and time.  As middle age sets in he realizes there is only one finish line and we are all guaranteed toContinue reading “The glorious vocabulary of middle age”

The river

HELP WANTED:  Employment available for able-bodied ferryperson to navigate the rapids between today and tomorrow.  Must be strong in body and mind.  Ideal candidate will have an understanding that all rivers lead to the ocean and an appreciation for the effect of upriver events on downriver conditions.   Incumbent should be comfortable with few words and long periods of silence,Continue reading “The river”


Teachers leave impressions.  Some impressions are positive, some impressions are negative.  Positive impressions are not necessarily “good”, negative impressions are not necessarily “bad”.  Impressions just are.  When an artist speaks of “negative space” is that space bad? Lately I’ve been thinking about impressions made by my teachers.  These are the voices in my head. Here’s a few that stuck:  “IntroduceContinue reading “Impressions”

The mail always comes through. Electronic documents….not so much.

After a morning of trouble shooting-and-missing students tech problems as they tried to submit their labs, I sat down for some lunch and found poetic inspiration. What’s that?  What you say? You can’t submit your lab report in the electronic way?  Well let me help you, I’m here today. I’m a teacher, a professor, I “know itContinue reading “The mail always comes through. Electronic documents….not so much.”