In the way

We took Mikayla and her pony Cherie over to play with some cows this morning. Heat and helmets were on my side and after awhile she looked at me, beet-red in the face and said, “Hey dad, ya want a turn?”

I don’t have much experience with cows, but Cherie has plenty. The time today made me so aware of “getting in the way”. I can’t tell you what happened, its just a feeling that was there. The awareness was only in the rear-view mirror, so there wasn’t much I could do. But the awareness was there; if somehow I could get better at stepping out of her way that things could be better.

Makes me wonder how many other things in life might be similar.

Published by Mike Deal

I am a husband and father, I am a scientist and teacher, I am a horseman. At night all the "I am's" go in a box and I shut the lid. I sleep like a dog.

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