…and know they love you.

Grandpa’s youngest sister passed away recently, the last of a generation to grow up on this North Dakota farm about 50 miles from the Canadian border. What must of that been like? I can never know.

Its like that song says,

“And you, of tender years,
Can’t know the fears
That your elders grew by.”

But it does explain a few things. The sideways look when I spent too much time inside, in-the-books, in school. When would the work get done? The sideways look when I complained about being cold.

I’m pretty sure Grandpa and I didn’t agree on much. Politically I’m pretty sure we agreed on nothing. But we never got around to talking about that, the fishing was too good. Fishing. We agreed on fishing, so there you have it, and bowling, we agreed on bowling. So you see, there was never any reason to ask “why”.

Like the song says,

“Don’t you ever ask them, “Why?”
If they told you, you would cry.
So, just look at them and sigh….”

Published by Mike Deal

I am a husband and father, I am a scientist and teacher, I am a horseman. At night all the "I am's" go in a box and I shut the lid. I sleep like a dog.

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